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Vedic Astrology Standard Consultation

Ashish Shrungarpure
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Standard Consultation
60 Minutes - ₹9,500
Any One or Two Subjects

Online Astrology - Personal Horoscope

Female Horoscopy | स्त्री जातक​Kid’s Behavior vs Parents TreatmentPurpose of Birth
Health AstrologyKid’s Futurology Sports/Studies/ArtsVoice of Soul
Disease & RecoveryRelation With ParentsGuidance on Mantra Recitation
Personal Wealth AstrologyRelation With In-lawsGuidance of Gemstone For 5 Years
Love, Affair & RelationshipForeign Travel / MigrationSade Sati Discussion
Marriage ConfigurationLine of CareerKal Sarpa Dosha Discussion
Match Making Live-InJob Change / ChallengePitru Dosha Discussion
Match Making MarriageHigh Position Job/PromotionAll Dosha Discussion
Break-up Decision Live-In CoupleOnsite OpportunityCurrent Planetary Transit Effect
Divorce ConcernIssues With Colleagues / BossCurrent Mahadasha Effect
Pregnancy / ProgenyLegal MattersBirth Time Rectification / Calculation
Infant (up to 5 years) crankinessSuccess Direction & Time – BhagyodayaPet’s Horoscope

Online Astrology - Business Horoscope

Start-Up Idea / New Business Idea / Line of Business Or Proprietorship
Business Setup or Expansion In Domestic Or Foreign Land
Business Health & Wealth
Direction for Business Setup/Expansion
Match Making Business Partner
Issues With Business Partner Single Horoscope
Issues With Business Partner Couple’s Horoscope
Legal Matters

Muhurat - Auspicious Timing

Timing for Surgery or Operation
Astro Conception Timing Events up to 6 months
IVF Treatment Timing Events up to 6 months
Timing for Marriage Ceremony
Timing for Business Inauguration
Timing to Start Book Writing
Timing to Book Launch

Virtual Discussion
+91 986 030 5454
In-person Discussion

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Strictly Observe –

The science of Astrology

Horoscope, Numerology, Vastu Shastra or any other science is beyond the rules of planets, signs, constellations and numbers given in any book. Vedic texts suggest that the work of great virtue and perseverance is the only way to become an accurate astrologer, unlike someone who predicts merely with the knowledge of zodiacal configuration, some mathematics and rules studied from the books.

Practical application of the above understanding is subject to one’s own choices, and it is recommended only after taking suggestions from a Subject Matter Expert.

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